Golf Dundee Ladies

Golf Dundee Ladies Section is a Golf Club based at Caird Park 9 hole course in Dundee. The club was created in 2014 following a series of lessons organized by Leisure & Culture Dundee. The lessons were mainly aimed at beginner golfers and once the lessons were completed, it was identified that there was a need to provide a relaxed environment for ladies to play golf with others who play at a similar level as themselves.

The club was set up as a pathway for those ladies who feel that either they are not yet ready to tackle an 18 hole course and associated club or those who prefer the smaller course and club.

The membership has continued to grow mainly through word of mouth and the ongoing Leisure & Culture Dundee lessons.

Our aim is to provide a friendly environment where playing golf and enjoying it is the most important thing. There are normally members of the club on the course daily (usually between 9:30 - 10:00). However if you are interested in joining the club you can email at: or leave a message with either the 9 hole or 18 hole starters and we can get in touch.
There will always be members available to play with new members to take away any of the nerves, that we have all experienced.

During the winter we have monthly Fun Competitions, and in the Summer we have 3 medal/qualifying days every week, monthly Fun Competitions and Outings.
Membership Fees - £35 per annum

Contact :
Facebook: @golfdundeeladiessection