Golf Dundee Club

Golf Dundee Club

Golf Dundee Club

Leisure & Culture Dundee are delighted to announce that Golf Dundee Club will launch in time for the start of the 2023 Golf Season.

Initially scheduled to launch in April 2020, Golf Dundee Club is finally here and now open for applications.

Golf Dundee Club offers a low-cost alternative to club membership elsewhere. For just £40 a year we offer a full WHS Handicap via the Scottish Golf app, a link to which can be found below. Club members can enter their scores on the Scottish Golf app or by handing their scorecards into the Starters Box at Caird Park.

As membership builds, we hope to arrange and run regular medals and sweeps along with other monthly/annual competitions.

Golf Dundee Club membership is open to all 18-Hole Course members. 18-Hole Junior members can join for FREE.

Simply download and complete the Dundee Golf Club membership form via the link below and hand it in, along with your annual fee, to the Starters Box at Caird

Park. Alternatively, come along to the Starters Box and join from there.