Membership Update

Membership Update

At Golf Dundee we work hard to provide our members with a great value Golf experience at a low cost every day. To continue providing this, it is necessary that we increase membership fees from time to time which allows us to maintain the service, equipment and courses.

Effective from 1st May 2024, your monthly Direct Debit will increase in line with the 2024/25 membership fees outlined below:

Monthly Membership Fees for 2024-2025
*Effective from 1st May 2024
18 Hole Course Mon-Fri£18.75£15.42
18 Hole Course Sat-Sun£18.75£15.83
18 Hole Course Mon-Sun£27.50£20.83
18 Hole Course Mon-Sun - Juvenile£3.75-
18 Hole Course Mon-Sun - Student£11.67-
18 Hole Course Mon-Sun - 18yr£6.67-
18 Hole Course Mon-Sun - 19yr£11.25-
18 Hole Course Mon-Sun - 20yr£18.75-
9 Hole Course Mon-Sun£7.92£6.67
9 Hole Course Mon-Sun - Juvenile£2.50£12.92

We will notify your bank directly so there is no action for you to take and your payment date will not change. All Terms & Conditions remain the same. Further information about memberships can be found here

Cancellation & Changes to Membership
As per the terms and conditions, notice of cancellation must be given in writing - by emailing or by completing a Cancellation Form and returning it to the Starters Box or the mailing address noted in the below email footer. A final payment will be required if you cancel after the 15th of the month and/ or if you are still in your first season of membership.

We look forward to seeing you on the course again soon. 
The Golf Dundee team